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 A new generation of cancer treatments based on nanotechnology is making its way out of the laboratory and into the clinic with the promise of targeting cancer cells while steering clear of healthy tissue, according an article in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN). C&EN is the weekly newsmagazine of the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world’s largest scientific society. In the cover story, C&EN Senior Editor Bethany Halford explains that today’s anti-cancer medications impact healthy tissue in the process of killing cancer cells. Patients thus may experience side effects, such as nausea and vomiting, that in some instances can be so severe that patients decline further treatment. New nanomedicine cancer treatments promise to focus on diseased tissue while leaving healthy parts of the body unscathed, reducing the severity of side effects. The article explains how a new generation of nanoparticle-based medications bring anti-cancer drugs directly to the tumor. Because of their ultra-small size, particles of these drugs can slip through tiny passages in the blood vessels that nourish tumors, get inside tumors and even individual cancer cells, and do their work with precision. The article describes nanomedicines that already are in clinical trials with cancer patients and others that are moving in that direction. This story is available at:

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Sparkle Training at ACS headquarters in Washington, DC. I attended the Sparkle training as Jack Driscoll but quickly became introduced as Jen's Dad since Jennifer had given a wonderful training session on social Media at Sparkle 2011. It was very a helpful training course particularly with the role playing and video preparation with the media. there were PR Chairs from 24 sections at the training course.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

NESACS and members will participate in the SE MA STEM May 24, 2012

NESACS and members will participate in the SE MA STEM May 24, 2012

NESACS, Cape Cod Science Cafe and NESACS members: PID Analyzers,LLC, Nova Biomedical Corp., Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, & Smithers Pharma will be at the STEM EXPO at Bridgewater State University demonstrating science experiments and discussing future careers for > 500 students (grade 5-8) from 25 school districts in SE MA and the Cape & Islands

envision your future
May 24, 2012 • Bridgewater State University • Free Event
Imagine a group of students on an interactive journey using a flight simulator – watch as they create a battery using lemons – join as they build an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) – observe as they use statistics to create the best offensive unit of a new NFL team – assist as they learn to check and record the vital signs of a newborn.
These are just a few of the activities to take place at the 2012 STEM Expo, Envision Your Future, at Bridgewater State University. 500 students, grades five through eight, are expected to participate. The Expo aims to get Southeastern Massachusetts students excited about pursuing education and careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM).
• Click here for the EXPO overview
• For a list of workshops, activities, and demonstrations, click here.
• Click here to view a list of collaborators
• Directions to the Moakley Center at Bridgewater State University are available here
Information for Student/Teacher Groups
Southeastern Massachusetts Middle School Students and Teachers in Grades Five through Eight.
More Information to Come
Information for School District Community Teams
Groups including: School administrators, guidance professionals, school committee members, STEM and Non-STEM teachers, and other representatives from the communities such as: early childhood educators, local business leaders, after-school program providers, and local, state, or federal representatives..

Contact Us: Questions regarding the STEM Expo may be directed to STEM Coordinator Katherine Honey,, 508.316.1480
STEM Funding
The Southeast/Cape & Islands Regional PreK-16 STEM Network is funded through the Department of Higher Education's STEM Pipeline Fund.The Fund seeks to improve teacher preparation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects and to increase student interest in, preparation for, and success in STEM careers. The CONNECT Partnership serves as administrator of the Southeastern Massachusetts STEM Network.
STEM | 66 Hooper Street, Burnell Hall, Room 119 | Bridgewater, MA 02325 | TEL: 508-531-1437
STEM Network – c/o CONNECT Partnership

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Review of Field Screening Methodology for Analysis of VOC's and SVOC's.#PID,#Photoionization,#Soil_analysis,#Portable _GC

Total VOC's by portable analyzers and portable GC's for BTEX are described.

Review of Methods of Analysis of Hydrocarbon_Contaminated_Soil

Several analyzers for analysis of VOC's are described.


Soil Gas Surveys,#PID, #Photoionization,#Soil_Gas,#portable_GC

Methods and description of soil gas surveys are described along with the advantages of portable analyzers for on site analysis of VOC's.

Soil Gas Surveys

Portable analyzers for soil gas surveys from PID Analyzers are shown below:


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rapid Analysis of Gaseous and Liquid Hydrocarbons Using Fast GC- Reduces Analysis Times by > 50%,#Fast_GC,#C1-C6_hdrocarbons.#GC

We have used the analysis of C1 to C6 hydrocarbons with a 30M x 0.32mm id with a 5  film to demonstrate the separation of both gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons rapidly while reducing analysis time by more than 50%.

The figure below illustrates the isothermal separation of C1 to C6 HC. A low temperature (35oC) is requires to separate methane from ethane and propane. The detector was the far UV absorbance detector and the analysis time was 15 minutes. This analysis can be sped up using temperature programming but with the long cool down times of most GC ovens, the analysis times can be reduced to about 12 minutes.

Much of the previous work on “fast GC” utilized short (5M) thin film capillary columns to elute solutes quickly and the result is rapid but inferior separations because of the short column. New technology developed at Valco’s capillary column development center where VICI takes polyimide-coated fused silica (FST) and removes the polyimide layer. Then the (FST) is electroplated with nickel. As a result of the superior heat transfer of the electroplated nickel, we are able to rapidly and efficiently heat and achieve excellent resolution for a 30M capillary column.
 These columns can be programmed faster (hundreds of degrees/min)- save 50-90%
 The columns can be reliable started a few degrees above ambient
 These columns cool down faster because of their low mass, so savings are> 50%
Several examples of C1 to C6 HC that are given below demonstrate a > 50% reduction in analysis times:The columns can be programmed faster 50-60o/min and will cool down faster as a result of their low mass. The columns can be reliably programmed from several degrees above ambient which is not possible with most GC/s.

A comparison of a GC with a normal oven and a fast GC column are shown below.

Contact PID Analyzers for more info on “The FAST GC”

PID Analyzers, LLC, 2 Washington Circle, Sandwich, MA 02563; T 1 774 414 5281

Sunday, February 5, 2012

EPA Technical Assistance on Portable Instruments for Method 21#EPA_Method_21#PID#HNU#PID_Analyzers

The HNU PI101 was evaluated for use in EPA Method 21 leak Detection

EPA Tech Assist on Port VOC Inst on Method 21

Friday, February 3, 2012

Southeastern MA STEM Program News

February 3, 2012 · News from the Southeastern MA Region STEM Network ·
This Month's Big News: The SE MA STEM Expo!

Envision Your Future
May 24, 2012
Bridgewater State Univerity

Imagine a group of students on an interactive journey using a flight simulator--watch as they create a battery using lemons--join in as they build an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV)--observe as they use statistics to create the best offensive unit of a new NFL team--assist as they learn to check and record the vital signs of a healthy newborn.

These are just a few of the activities to take place at the 2012 STEM Expo, Envision your Future, May 24, at Bridgewater State University's Moakley Center. The purpose of this FREE event is to get students excited about pursuing education and careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Fifty-plus collaborators are preparing inspiring exhibits and demos for the kids.

Five hundred students grades 5-8 are expected to attend. In addition, 15 school district/community teams are invited to observe the Expo and take lessons learned back home to enhance the STEM plan in their schools.

To learn more about the Expo, or to apply to attend as a Student/Teacher or School District/Community team, visit the Expo home page: Envision Your Future STEM Expo May 24, 2012.

BCC Kids College 6.29.11
News from the State: @Scale RFP Issued
$500,000 Available for Projects Promoting STEM Preparedness and Interest
The Department of Higher Education has announced the availability of new funds to support projects promoting STEM student readiness and interest. The new grant program builds on last year's "@Scale" initiative and targets programs that have proven success, strong foundations in research, are ready for replication, and which address quantifiable challenges directly related to the goals of the State STEM Plan. Examples of projects that have already received endorsement from the Governor's STEM Council are available on the DHE STEM Pipeline website. New proposals are expected to meet the same @Scale criteria. The $500,000 to be awarded by the DHE is expected to leverage private sector matching funds to support STEM implementation projects across the Commonwealth based on the principles of the @Scale initiative. See the website for additional information on the endorsed projects, and for application materials: DHE STEM Pipeline Fund.
New Bedford Students Undefeated in First Tech Challenge!
On Sunday January 8, 2012, New Bedford High School robotics team "the 21's" competed in the First Tech Challenge "Bowled Over"competition at Boston University Academy. Contestants control remotely-operated vehicles through a variety of tasks. The New Bedford team went undefeated in the qualifying rounds and 2-3 in the semi-finals and the finals, thereby securing a first place title as well as an invitation to the Massachusetts State Tournament in March. Go 21's!
STEM Stirrings: Events & Resources

2012 SciTech Girls Expo - Enrollment Open Now!

Mass Maritime Academy and Jr. Tech are partnering once again to host a one-day expo aimed toward high school girls who are interested in pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Over 100 girls from across Massachusetts attended last year's Expo, and even more are expected to participate this year. This year's keynote speaker is Faith Hill, Engineering Sr. Manager at Lockheed Martin Sippican. The Expo will also include two Boston Meteorologists as guest instructors.

· For more information? Contact Phyllis Russell at (774)-994-2097 or at or visit Juniortech website.
· Where? Mass Maritime Academy (Buzzards Bay)

· When? Saturday April 7, 2012 (Enrollment Open Now)

· Cost? Individual Enrollment: $45, Group Enrollment: $35 (minimum 10 spots)

New England Patriots and Raytheon Launch "The Power to Hear" Engineering Design Challenge

"The Power to Hear" competition will challenge New England middle and high school students in grades 6 through 12 to create a cost-effective functional parabolic microphone. Students will apply their knowledge and understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the development of their device in addition to gaining hands-on experience in the engineering design process. The winning team will earn the exclusive opportunity to use their invention on the field during a Patriots training camp practice. Competition requirements, rules and application are available at the link below.
· More Information? Peg Myers, Education and Tours Coordinator, (508) 549-0553 or The Hall at Patriot Place--Education

· Where? The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon, Foxboro
· When? Registration opens Feb. 1 and concludes March 9, 2012.

· Cost? No cost to enter.
MA Life Sciences Center Internship Challenge Program Now Open!
The MA Life Sciences Internship Program has been renewed for a fourth year, and is accepting applications now. The program provides funds for nearly 300 college students and recent graduates who are following career paths in the life sciences, for internships at over 200 companies. For more info, email or visit their website.
Global Learning Charter School Hosts Business-Education Forum
The Global Learning Charter Public School will be hosting the 4th Annual Business-Education Forum in partnership with the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and The Ocean Explorium. Keynote speaker Paul Reville, Secretary of Education of the Commonwealth, will be discussing "Building the 21st Century STEM Pipeline for the SouthCoast and Beyond," along with six other panelists.

· More Information? RSVP to Stephanie Wick or Alison Bresciani at (508)-991-4105 or
· Where? Ocean Explorium Education Center, New Bedford

· When? Wednesday February 8th, 2012, 8:30a.m-11:00 p.m.

· Cost? Free
5th Annual Agriculture and Food Conference

Presented by the Southeastern MA Agricultural Partnership (SEMAP), the conference will feature 18 workshops covering a range of topiccs, as well as a locally-sourced lunch.

· More Information? Visit or call (508) 295-2212 x50

· Where? Bristol County Agricultural High School, Dighton

· When? Saturday February 25, 2012, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

· Cost? $50/public, $35/farmers, discount for NOFA members
7th Annual Conference on DNA, Health and Biotechnology

Hosted by Bridgewater State University's Center for the Advancement of Science Exploration, keynote speaker Dr. Robert O. Wright will give an overview of Epigenetics and its relation to genetics. Epigenomes are "story tellers" that shape the output of our genomes - and essentially our DNA sequences. Dr. Wright will be discussing the intricacies of this microscopic relationship, and its potential in medical research.

· More Information? Contact Kim McCoy at
· Where? Bridgewater State University, John Joseph Moakley Center

· When? Thursday March 1, 2012 (Snow Date: Tuesday March 13, 2012) 3:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. (Dinner will be provided)

· Cost? $10
Dept. of Energy Donation Program Now Open to Secondary Schools
Middle and high schools are now eligible to participte in the Laboratory Equipment Donation Program organized by the US Dept of Energy. Colleges and universities have benefitted from this program for over 30 years. A rolling list of free surplus equipment is updated regularly by LEDP and is available on a first-come, first-qualified basis. The list can be found at
"Growing Up Wild" with BSU Watershed Access Lab

The Watershed Access Lab at Bridgewater State University will hold a hands-on workshop focusing on early childhood environmental education. The workshop will show educators how to develop a child's positive outlook on nature, while also building lifelong cognitive skills for students PreK-Grade 2. Curriculum is correlated to the NAEYC standards. Participants will receive a copy of the guide, access to lending materials, and a certificate of completion.

· More Information? For info on this and other trainings, visit BSU WAL website or contact Kim McCoy

· Where? Bridgewater State University

· When? Wednesday March 7, 2012, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

· Cost? $30/adults (no children please).
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Our mission is to connect southeastern Massachusetts students, educators, employers, and STEM advocates to resources and to each other.

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Entrepreneurs Wanted for Seminars at Emanuel College

Dr. Michael Berger in the Department of Chemistry and Physics at Simmons College is putting together a speakers series in March and April for the greater Simmons and Colleges of the Fenway community on "startups by scientists and how they did it." The format is flexible, and the speaker could be part of a small panel or individual speaker. The idea of the speaker series is introducing the concept of entrepreneurship to students in the sciences and what the career path looks like.
If you are interested in participating in the series as a speaker or on a small panel, please contact Dr. Michael Berger at 617-290-5984 or send an email to

FREE Science Activity Kit for Teachers from ACS to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry (IYC) 2011!#ACS#IYC

Although it’s now 2012, Chemistry: Investigating Your World kits are available for upper elementary and middle school teachers who register for one at
In addition to a poster and activity guide, the kit contains materials for an entire classroom of students to explore the four clues of chemical change:
- Production of a gas
- Formation of a precipitate
- Color Change
- Change in temperature
Check out the four lessons to find out how meeting scientists around the world, investigating clues of chemical change, and real-life applications are woven together to make learning chemistry relevant and fun. Then be sure to sign up for your free kit as soon as possible. Supplies are limited!
Mikal C. Ankrah
Member Communities | Volunteer Support
1155 16th St., NW | Washington | DC 20036
T 202-872-6326 | F 202-872-4353 | 800-227-5558
ACS Chemistry for Life
American Chemical Society
International Year of Chemistry 2011
Join the Volunteer Support and Engagement Network Group ( to receive important Local Section and Division updates.