Saturday, June 11, 2011

Free Bluetooth Wireless Capability for all PID Analyzers Portable Instruments

We recently added bluetooth capability to our Model 102 portable photoionization analyzer . This wireless capability links the datalogging in the 102 with the free logging software in the external PC to produce 1 to 5 graphs (PID ppm/ppb and three other channels selecte from one [IR(CO2, CG or TCD)/TCD/or CG and two other electrochemical sensors (select from > 30 EC Sensors). A typlical plot of PID VOC's ppb and ppb is shown below:
The data is logged into an EXCEL compatable file that is saves in CSV format for opening directly into EXCEL. The format is shown below:
The portable analyzers include the following:

Model 102 PID (only)
Model 102+ PID with multisensor capability and ppb option
Model 113 O2 and other electrochemical sensors (choose from 30)
Model 107 stack gas analyzer
Model 113 with TCD or CG + EC sensors
Model 114 IR + with CO2 or CH4 sensor plus 2 EC sensors

We are offering free bluetooth capability for all new portable analyzers. Contact us at and check out our blogs: &

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