Saturday, September 17, 2011

EPA PID Standard Operating Procedure 2114 #EPA,#PID,#Photoionization, #PID Analyzers, #HNU_101,#PID Analyzers

The purpose of this EPA Standard Operating Procedure
(SOP) is to describe a method for using a
photoionization detector (PID). The PID is a portable,
nonspecific, vapor/gas detector employing the
principle of photoionization to detect a variety of
chemical compounds, both organic and inorganic (hydrides,halogens... ) in
air. This procedure is applicable to the HNU PI-101,
HNU ISPI-101, and HW-101 used for air monitoring. The HNU 101 series has been replaced with the Model 102.

Epa Pid Sop Wmsr2114(4)

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